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  • Our vision

    In industrial packaging, be the best performing customer service company in the world.

    Our people

    Greif places the utmost importance on protecting, engaging and developing a diverse workforce. More than 16,000 colleagues work in 265 production, warehouse and office locations in 41 countries.

    We focus our efforts on salient fundamental human rights issues including child labor, adherence to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity at the workplace, employees right to organize and freedom of organization.

    Our Serious Look At Sustainability

    View Greif's sustainability goals as the company looks to improve its environmental and social impact.

    Stock market shares


    A world leader in industrial packaging products and services, Greif creates a competitive advantage for its customers by providing the packaging and packaging services they need – when they need it. Greif is one of the oldest members of the NYSE, with shares trading as GEF and GEF.B. Learn more about Greif's financial performance and becoming an investor on our investor page

    Our business units & products

    Rigid Industrial Packaging


    Steel, fibre and plastic drums, IBCs, closure systems for industrial packaging products, transit protection products, water bottles and reconditioned industrial containers


    Filling, logistics, warehousing and container life cycle management


    Chemicals, paints and pigments, food and beverage, petroleum, industrial coatings, agricultural, pharmaceutical and minerals

    Paper Packaging


    Containerboard, corrugated sheets, corrugated containers and other corrugated and specialty products. Additionally, uncoated recycled paperboard, coated recycled paperboard, tubes and cores and a diverse mix of specialty products.


    Packaging services


    Home appliances, small and industrial machinery, grocery products, building products, automotive components, books and furniture, advertising/retail and agricultural, construction products, recovered fiber, dry and frozen food packaging, adhesives

    Flexible Products


    Flexible IBCs


    Reconditioning Flexible IBCs


    Similar markets to those served by the Rigid Industrial Packaging & Services segment with an expanded presence in the agricultural and food industries

    Land Management


    Timber, timberland and special use properties


    Timberland management, consulting, wildlife stewardship, recreation and wetlands mitigation bank development


    Pulp and paper, sawmill, plywood and pole mills