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  • Advertising & Printing

    Advertising & Printing

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    Create appealing point of purchase and high end graphics Greif has a network of dedicated sheet feeders that manufacture corrugated sheets. We offer super board quality, 24-hour lead times, and exceptional customer service. We manufacture board constructions from single wall to triple wall and offer an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services.

    Paper Packaging

    Need an appealing graphic to attract customers to point of purchase?  Greif’s MicroChoice (litho lamination) offers POP and primary packaging in E & F flutes and double wall with the capability to produce high graphic sheets to folding carton specifications. 
    Need a substrate for high end graphics?  LeaderCorr is a double-wall thick corrugated signboard that enables our retail customers to print high end graphics on 100% recyclable board.  Competitive products like foam board or corrugated plastic are not recyclable, and cannot be converted into an OCC income source after use. 

    Paper Packaging